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The corporate workplace too often fails to deliver on the promise of being a great place to work. Instead, many workplaces foster a culture of fear and anxiety. Mike Caracalas knows what it’s like to work in that environment. He’s been there. Done that. He knows a better way.

Executive Coaching

Through Mike’s Executive Coaching process, you will develop a greater level of executive presence and a deeper sense of your own leadership power.  In six months of one-on-one coaching, you will explore the ways in which you impact others with your leadership approach and will make conscious choices about how to raise your leadership impact. People follow you because of who you are, not because of what you do, and the coaching dialogue is designed to transform who you are as a leader.  And when you lead with authenticity and impact, the effect on your team’s performance and on your business results is tremendous.

This bold approach incorporates 18 years of corporate experience, 10 years of proven success in Fortune 500 Executive Coaching, and a breadth of knowledge rooted in the study of Psychology and Professional Coaching alike.

Team Coaching

Team Coaching is designed to help business teams become high-performance teams.

Mike knows that a team’s productivity is enabled and thrives when a positive working environment is allowed to flourish.

Each engagement starts with the discovery process to custom design the engagement to your team’s needs. Mike then leads the group through a team workshop on location. Six follow-up sessions on a topic relevant to your team’s specific development needs — as identified in the workshop — helps ensure your team achieves peak performance.


Whether you seek a dynamic professional to run team meetings or an experienced coach to deliver a training program, Mike Caracalas provides facilitation services to meet your needs.

“I have had multiple coaches in the past; however Mike’s method was unique for me. Other coaches were more traditional, Mike utilized psychology in his approach which added a whole new dimension. What I acquired was a pretty powerful process that helped me understand my own thinking and emotional patterns, and how they affected the way I lead others.”

Jeffrey A. VanderVorst
Executive Vice President,
United Renovations LLP.

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