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   Leadership…   I’ve just completed a 10 month experiential program which goes by the simple name: Leadership.  In my 20 year career in business, HR, and human development, I have been through a wide array of very good “leadership development” … Continue reading

Liberating Leaders

The tagline for my company brand is “Liberating Leaders to Lead.” Have you ever wondered what we mean by that? At Caracalas and Associates we have 3 pillars for the work that we do… We “Liberate Leaders,” which is about … Continue reading

Embracing Human Leadership

I am just back from an amazing week of Leadership Development in the Great Smoky Mountains with 21 other great leaders and I have a strong urge to express something. Most of you know that after spending 18 years working … Continue reading

Living Life on Purpose

Are you living life on accident?  Not many people would immediately identify with that, but in my experience, most people struggle to answer whether they are living life on purpose. One of the most important things I do with my … Continue reading

Liberating Your Authentic Self

When I was a little kid, maybe 10 or 11, I had this bizarre idea in my head where I would imagine everything I was doing or saying was being recorded for the world to see.  It was like my … Continue reading

Developing “The It Factor” Part One

I was interviewing stakeholders recently for one of my client executives and the person started referring to “The It Factor” and to what degree my client was exhibiting “IT.” If you’re a Leader (or you develop Leaders, or you work … Continue reading

Unleashing Employee Engagement

What is it that companies really want? I mean other than results.  If the only thing we wanted was results, then we’d sit around on our hands, wishing for results.  No, we have the capacity to take a step further … Continue reading

I’m Afraid I Am a Leader

I’ve just returned from a 6 day retreat in the Great Smoky Mountains of North Carolina and I am a new man. Yes, I am still Mike Caracalas.  And I am so much more.  I’ve begun a year long journey … Continue reading

Bullets Quotes Test

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Aliquam luctus, justo quis cursus cursus, neque augue ultricies felis, auctor maximus tellus massa vel eros. Quisque faucibus eros ut mi convallis pharetra. Suspendisse eu eleifend risus. Duis vitae ex lobortis, aliquet … Continue reading

The Myth of “Our Employees are our Greatest Asset”

How many companies say they believe that their employees are their greatest asset?  The phrase itself has almost become a cliché and most companies espouse some version of it.   If you’re thinking from the title that I’m looking to debunk … Continue reading