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Mike Caracalas develops Leadership and Executive Presence in the leaders that he coaches. He liberates leaders to lead with courage, purpose, and authenticity.

Mike Caracalas is an Executive Coach and Leadership Consultant. He provides highly effective executive and team coaching based on the knowledge and best practices he gained while working in Human Resources and corporate America for 18 years. Coaching with Mike Caracalas affords valuable, customized sessions that deliver unique insights for his clients into the way they think, act and lead. His coaching method develops better communication and increased engagement in his clients, which leads to measureable results for the organization. Mike Caracalas helps high potential leaders learn how to lead effectively by eliminating the barriers that hinder their ability to achieve positive outcomes and results. Mike’s perspective and experience are a refreshing change from the litany of corporate consultant clichés that dominate the arena of “leadership development.”

“Mike is an executive coach who sees opportunities that others look past. He brings insight that others miss. He speaks truth that many would rather avoid. All with the intention of increasing the value and contribution of those he coaches.”

Pat Murtha Chief Operating Officer Pizza Hut, Inc.